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Fate Of The Furious Review

In the latest installment in the series, Fate Of The Furious bridges the old classic themes of Fast And Furious with new things to please first-time viewers of the series. How was it overall?

The movie overall is good, very good. It has a common feel factor which makes you feel involved and inline with the story. The main plot will leave tons of sobs and heartfelt people throughout the theater, but it lacks a real hurdle. When the first bad aspect of the plot happens, the climax and resolution come through with no bumps in the road. This is good if you want everything good only to happen to the main protagonist(s), but bad if you like lots of drama.
The biggest problem of the movie is realism. There is a scene, in particular, that is so unrealistic it makes Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare looks like tomorrow’s happening. How does a figure so important experience such trauma with no immediate law enforcement arrival? Not even ONE cop. That’s impossible.
Other than the latter, the movie is great. The story is great especially if you have seen the whole series even with there being no difficulty in the resolution. This is a short review, but that is because the movie really did nothing wrong, but also nothing groundbreaking. It was fantastic all in all.
Rating: 8.5/10
Rent, Buy It, or see in theaters?: It is worth a theater admission ticket.