Body Of Work

This my body of work. This is basically a collage of all my previous work, where I have written for, where I write for, where my work has been featured on and more.

As of April 15th, 2017

FanSided –

 I coverer the NBA in full for the Time Inc./FanSided subsidy Sir Charles In Charge —

My author profile on Sir Charles In Charge:

I covered the Florida Gators for the Time Inc./FanSided subsidy Hail Florida Hail —

My author profile on HFF:

QB Mecca –

I did some work for QB Mecca before sadly, they had to shut down. It was a fun tenure, but it was short lived. My author profile is below.

Author Profile

Hero Sports –

I was a Florida Gators correspondent for Hero Sports. My author profile is below.

Author Profile 

FOX Sports –

Because of my work with FanSided below, a lot of my work has been featured on FOX Sports. I am not gonna put every article because that would be dozens, but here is some of my favorite work.

Crusader Times –

I attend a prestigious athletic High School called Bergen Catholic in New Jersey. This past football season I got the honor to cover them in full. In the transition from this site from my last some of the articles needed to be purged unfortunately. Some of them are still available though in the “High School Sports” category.  Some of the articles did make major papers, sites and news though and I was a feeder sources for a lot of writers as well. It was a great season and my first real hands on journalism job.

The Content On This Site –

Some of the content on this site has been recycled from previous sites or is original content. Enjoy it !

NBA Lead –

I kind of get referred to as a founding father on there. I was one of the first writers and helped the site grow tremendously. I no longer write for them but I still contribute ideas, mentor and more.

Sportsblog –

This is what you would call a “Content Mill” site but I can assure in my tenure there I was more than just a content mill producer. I won numerous awards and finished at the top of numerous leaderboards in my short tenure as well as make great friends with a lot the staff that has moved on to better things, not to say Sportsblog is bad though by any means.