Bergen Catholic 2016 Season In Review

*Originally Posted October 2016*

The Bergen Catholic Crusader football season is over, and for the second year in a row they finished at 7–4 and have failed to reach Metlife. Last season they lost for the second time in the season to arch-rival Don Bosco, and this time to St. Peters.

It was a season of ups and downs for the Crusaders. A season that was proclaimed by many, a “rebuilding year” started off more than just that. BC would start off 4–0 but quickly suffer a slew of injuries to valuable players. After the latter happened, that is where the youth and lack of depth started to show. After starting off 4–0, BC would finish the regular season 2–3 and season in general 3–4.

Even in losses, though, we saw the emergence of some breakout seniors and some special underclassmen. Ankaury Camilo and Erik Massey burst onto the scene for BC this year and Ship Idrizi elevated his game to a level I have not seen in HS football before. Young stars in the making like Dylan Classi, Javontae Jean-Baptiste, and Zaakir Faith also laid their impact in their first season starting on varsity. The roster is loaded with talent and a lot of that showed this season.

All in all the season was great. A lot of new faces dominated and stepped up as well as some old ones continued to play well. It was a shame Bergen Catholic couldn’t capture it’s 17th state championship, we will just have to hold off for an another year.

Personally, I would like to thank everyone who has read every column I have put out. Whether you just read one or read them all, you all contributed to my enjoyment of writing them and witnessing the season. We totaled over 50K reads/views throughout the season. This whole experience has been helpful to me as I have grown as a writer both with my content and connections. I would also like to thank personally, Coach Nunz. When I brought the idea to him early in the summer, I had no idea it would go as well as the latter explained. I would like to take him for constantly providing me with info about the team, quotes and much more and not once complaining.

Once again, Thank you.


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